Thoughts on lawsuit over casting info confidentiality

A tweet from Amy Jo Berman brought my attention to this interesting lawsuit.  Amy Jo asked, “Should access to the breakdowns be restricted?”  After reading the article, I see breakdown access as only one of the issues, but let’s tackle this one item at a time. To answer Amy Jo’s question, I do feel that breakdown access should be restricted…sort of.… Read more →

tweenMachine update, v2.0.7

Right on the heels of 2.0.6 comes yet another tweenMachine update. Version 2.0.7 addresses a bit of odd UI behavior. Originally, tweenMachine was designed to look at the last active Maya panel, and force Maya’s focus back there once tweening was done. However, Patrick A. Müller of Studio Soi brought a bit of a hiccup to my attention. If you select… Read more →

tweenMachine update, v2.0.6

I’ve heard off and on that selecting channels in the channel box — which is supposed to isolate the tweening operation to only those selected channels — wasn’t always working, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the cause of that hiccup. This update totally reworks the channel-selection mechanism to pretty much squash that bug for good. Grab the… Read more →

Originality in Voiceover?

Back when I was a full-time CG animator, I often saw people creating their own private projects. For folks looking to break into the field, it was often recommended that they do original work on their own time as a way of building their portfolio and honing their skills. In the acting field, I see the same advice: create your… Read more →


While driving to a job a week or two ago, I was thinking about the then-recent announcement that Ben Affleck would be playing the title role in the next Batman film.  It didn’t take long before a commercial parody idea leapt into my mind, so I wrote to another local VO friend and asked if he’d voice the other character… Read more →