David McGhee

Last year I had the good fortune to be part of a commercial photo shoot (a sample from which is on the left), and got to know the photographer, David McGhee.  Not only is he awesome at his work, but he’s got a wicked sense of humor, and knows how to inject a good bit of fun into what can… Read more →

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

A journey of a thousand li starts beneath one’s feet. – from Tao Te Ching This Chinese proverb is more commonly translated as: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step As I was thinking about this phrase the other day, several possible interpretations/applications came to mind. Planning As you work through the planning phase of any endeavor, whether… Read more →

JACK and Audacity

I just received a comment from voice talent Tristan Wright on my original post about the JACK audio router utility.  He was trying to get JACK to work with Audacity, but wasn’t having much (any?) success, so I decided to dig into it myself.  Here’s what I found… The thing with Mac apps and audio is that they don’t all… Read more →

Book Reports

You know those book report things you had to do in school when you were a kid?  I do.  Well, I remember having to write them.  I’m not sure the delivery of said reports went anything like the antics in the new Book Reports series by Mark Fearing.  Here’s the first episode: I had fun inventing the totally unintelligible voice of Mr… Read more →

Thoughts on lawsuit over casting info confidentiality

A tweet from Amy Jo Berman brought my attention to this interesting lawsuit.  Amy Jo asked, “Should access to the breakdowns be restricted?”  After reading the article, I see breakdown access as only one of the issues, but let’s tackle this one item at a time. To answer Amy Jo’s question, I do feel that breakdown access should be restricted…sort of.… Read more →