What I’m Doing Now

Last updated August 17, 2016

I was inspired to create this page after reading a newsletter post by Mike Vardy of Productivityist, who was in turn inspired by Derek Sivers. The purpose of this page is not only to share a quick overview of the work that I’m doing these days, but also to help me to stay on track with that work. This will be an ever-changing document, so check back periodically to see what’s new.

Note: This page is only meant to cover professional/work activities.  Yes, I have a personal and family life, but it’s not part of this outline.


Current/recent projects:

  • Narration for a short online video for Pilot pens (video on my voice talent page)
  • Human and animal sounds for an animated short film (complete; online release pending)
  • Corporate narration for some tutorial videos in the education industry (in-progress)
  • Occasional background voice sessions for FUNimation

I am open to accepting new voiceover jobs.


Due to an ever-changing work schedule elsewhere, I’m not actively pursuing film or stage acting opportunities at this time, though I’m willing to consider smaller roles if they can fit into my schedule.


April 2016 marked the start of my fourth year teaching the Intro to Maya class at AnimSchool.  I teach two classes each term (morning and evening), and each class is a live online group that meets twice a week for eleven weeks.

Other Projects


Work on my tweenMachine Python update has stalled as I try to figure out where to best fit it into my schedule.

Video editing

  • Preproduction work is progressing on a series of videos for a large insurance company
  • Production has begun on the series of corporate tutorial videos mentioned above

I’m not actively pursuing more work of this nature, but am willing to consider projects as they’re presented to me.