Introducing the tweenMachine Breakdown

Now that I’m finally getting back into a regular tweenMachine development schedule, I want to make sure that every tweenMachine user knows what’s happening with my little breakdown baby. So far I’ve been spreading the word via Facebook posts and Twitter updates (which can often go unnoticed), and keeping my fingers crossed that people share news about updates with friends and colleagues. However, pretty much everyone checks their email regularly, so a newsletter seems like a better way to go to hit a wider audience. With that in mind, I’m pleased to introduce:


I’ll still share updates on social media, but subscribing to the tweenMachine Breakdown will guarantee that you receive timely notices of all tweenMachine updates: bug fixes, new features, etc.  Don’t worry, you won’t get flooded with a ton of messages — most likely not more than one per week — and I promise that your email will never be passed on to anyone else.

Subscription disabled 2/14/18
More details coming in a new post…

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